Equipment Specifications

Manufacturer : Robinson
Model : R44 Cadet
Engine : Lycoming O-540-F1B5
Time between overhaul : 2,400 Hours
Maximum cruising speed : 110 kts
Maximum range : 300 nm
Maximum take-off weight : 489 lb
Cabin volume :
Standard useful load :
Price : $344,000 Excluding Options, VAT and Ferry
Number of seats : 2


General Information

Lycoming O 540 F1B5 Engine
Engine TBO: 2,400 Hours
Training/Utilitarian Application
Air Conditioning and Autopilot Options

* Serial numbers will not be assigned and delivery dates will not be confirmed until FAA Certification is achieved
* Robinson R44 Cadet Specifications are based on preliminary test data and are subject to change
* Price quoted excludes import and recertification costs