Theoretical & Practical Training

NAC’s technical training facility, a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and Transport Education Training Authority accredited Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) at Rand Airport, offers a 1st year theoretical and practical syllabus for the Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic trade, demonstrating the group’s dedication to the aviation industry and to the development of essential skills in South Africa. An Aircraft Mechanic apprentice course has a duration of approximately 2 ½ to 3 years, depending on the capability of the student. The student can then apply for an official trade test examination. If successful, the student will then receive an official Trade Certificate from the Department of Higher Education.

This 1st year basic training course has a minimum duration of 35 weeks. A total of 80% of theoretical related work and 20% practical work is done in this period. A total of 35 subjects are covered during the 1st year of basic training. A pass mark of 75% on all subjects is a requirement from the regulatory authorities. Hand skills and basic practical work is also performed according to a requirement from the regulatory authorities.

On successful completion of the first year’s basic training, students must complete a further 18 months to two years of on-the-job training (OJT) in line with requirements from both TETA and the SACAA. Selected students are then seconded to various departments within NAC for OJT training. Remaining students must source OJT at approved Aircraft Maintenance organisations.

Before acceptance, all applicants undergo a screening and an aptitude test followed by an interview. These tests consist of basic Mathematics, Physics, English language; Logic Reasoning Test; 3-D Spatial Test and Colour Blindness Test. Selection of students for training are based on the results of the Screening, Aptitude tests and personal interviews. An additional final shortlist interview with management is conducted in order to identify the best possible candidates for training.