NAC proud to advance women in aviation

Learning to fly is a dream many little boys and girls share. Very few, however, will ever go on to pursue this dream. And, unfortunately, even less are female. NAC Helicopter Training has had the privilege of teaching many talented female pilots and hopes that their experiences will inspire other women to follow their passion for flying.

In her late forties and an extremely busy mom of three, Christine Webster’s decision to learn to fly a helicopter was impulsive and unplanned. Once she took up the challenge, though, she was hooked.  

“This journey would never have been possible without the awesome instructors at NAC Rand,” Christine says. “I have been licenced for two years now, and the best part of my week is the mornings I spend in the air!”
For Bells Youngleson, learning to fly was just what she needed at an important juncture of her life. “As a woman heading to my 40’s, having had kids and a successful career, something in me just asked ‘Is this it?’” Bells explains.

“Vicky and her team at NAC made it so easy to take up flying and this has allowed me to stretch myself in so many ways I never knew I could achieve. I have made so many new friends who share the passion of being in the air.”

For Bells, flying helicopters has fulfilled her lifelong dream and ignited the same passion in the next generation of dreamers. “My son explained it so well one day after a helicopter flight, ‘Mommy, my heart is full of smiles’”.

Tarryn Pucjlowski was introduced to aviation after leaving school when a family friend suggested she go for an intro flight. This created the spark and she’s been flying ever since. “I finished my CPL and Instructors for aeroplanes first and then two years later I did my helicopter licenses,” she explains.

Despite her enthusiasm, Tarryn admits that she was never a ‘natural’ in the air. “It took a lot of hard work and very many attitude adjustments to get to where I am today. Sixteen years later and I still love being in the air. I also love teaching and the challenges that come with it. There is nothing better than when my students start flying better than me, though I’ll never tell them that.”

Having instructors that bring out the best in their students is critical to the success of any aspiring pilot. This is why Sue Brewitt took the opportunity to have helicopter flying lessons at NAC Rand Airport after she had sold her business.

“I was so inspired by my instructors who were brilliant and so enthusiastic and encouraging,” she says. “ It was a wonderful experience and I shall always treasure this opportunity.”

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