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Piper M700 Fury

Passengers 5 / Range 1149 nm / Speed 301 ktas

Meet the new Piper M700 Fury, the first in a new generation of the Piper M-Class family, featuring the powerful Pratt and Whitney PT6A-52 engine, producing 700 shaft horsepower and Garmin's innovative technology, including Autoland.

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Piper M500

Passengers 6 / Range 1,000 nm / Speed 260 ktas

Price: POA

Sleek and sexy without sacrificing safety, the Meridian M500 is the profile of perfection. The single engine turboprop , with the latest in Garmin safety technology, remains a study in priorities. Six place seating and a pressurized cabin comfortably accommodate passengers, while the 500 shp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42 turbine satisfies the most discerning pilot by providing adrenaline-inducing, powerful performance and unmatched reliability. Like it's Meridian predecessor before, the M500 is efficient, elegant and capable and still the best value in its class.

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Piper M350

Passengers 5 / Range 1,343 nm / Speed 213 ktas

Price: POA

The Piper M350 is the ideal combination of technology, safety, and prestige. Cruise high above traffic and weather in the only pressurized aircraft in its class. The single-engine M350 offers additional safety features in its avionics package not matched by any competitor. Enjoy flexible travel for business or for pleasure.

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Piper Seminole

Passengers 4 / Range 700 nm / Speed 162 ktas

Price: POA

The Piper Seminole has clearly established itself to be the best multi-engine trainer available today. With over twenty years of proven service, both students and instructors can appreciate its ability to perform advanced maneuvers and procedures skillful and safely. Even with its standard G1000 flight deck and easy-to-maintain metal construction, the Seminole still has a lower acquisition cost than the competition.

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Piper Archer TX

Passengers 4 / Range 522 nm / Speed 128 ktas

Price: POA

The perfect combination of durability, reliability, comfort and technology � the Archer TX is the ideal training platform. Students, instructors, and passengers alike will welcome the comfortable, 180 HP Archer TX with the Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit, and flight school owners will be delighted with the purchase and operating costs of this special trainer.

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Piper Pilot 100i

Passengers / Range 522 nm (967 km) / Speed 128 Ktas (237 km/hr)

Price: POA

Simplicity and value define the Pilot 100i. Your flight training business plan is easily achievable with this unrivaled primary training aircraft.