According to NAC Aircraft Sales, part of leading aviation company NAC, the current shortage of serviceable aircraft in the general aviation market means that for those looking to sell their aircraft, now is a great time to do so.

South Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa in general, has always been a ‘captive audience’ in terms of the number of airworthy aircraft available for sale, and in recent months the market has become increasingly competitive as foreign buyers vie to take advantage of the volatile Rand.

And, while this seller’s market situation may benefit local owners in the short term, NAC Aircraft Sales warns that in the long run this trend could see the local market shrinking even further. This would make it more difficult for owners to replace their aircraft with suitable alternatives unless they’re planning on upgrading or expanding their operational environment with different type of aircraft that is better suited to their new requirements.

The team at NAC strongly advise those currently in the market to buy or sell to work closely with experienced salespeople who are able assess their clients’ interests in the short and long term and develop creative solutions that benefit clients on both sides of the transaction.  

As Deon Wentzel, an NAC Aircraft Sales Professional, explains, “The process of finding solutions for both buyers and sellers in this very competitive space has meant that sourcing of aircraft for local customers has become a very interesting and creative process. Our sales team’s ability to think outside the box certainly helps in finding solutions to support the current needs of buyers and sellers in South Africa, despite a weak and fluctuating currency.”

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