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43 Air School
43 Air Advanced Training
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43 Air School

Flight training school43 Air School is a dedicated flying training organisation, catering for the private, general commercial, airline and military sectors. We have extensive experience in training self and corporate sponsored pilots from different cultural backgrounds and from various countries around the world.

From its simple beginnings in 1942, the 43 Air School has established a reputation within the SA aviation industry for providing a high standard flying training service. All our courses are approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Air School The 43 Air School Training Philosophy

Our success is the result of having a relevant and achievable philosophy, sophisticated training programmes to translate that philosophy into tangible results, and effective management systems to provide quality control. And, of course, the right people to do the job.

Our philosophy is to give you a genuine operational capability, that is, to teach you to do the job you are licensed to do, and do it well, whether a private or career pilot. Being able to do the job entails a lot more than controlling an aeroplane correctly and accurately. It includes effective and adaptable procedures, an applied operational knowledge, good and confident command skills. All these are taught and then practiced through planned exposure to various conditions and situations.

43 Air School has identified specific objectives for all these aspects and designed step by step and logically structured programmes that achieve these. Theory and practical training are integrated throughout, and every dual and solo hour is used strategically for maximum productivity. There is no unstructured “hour building”.
Management programmes monitor not only your but also our performance, identify problems, and ensure corrective action. In addition to the Chief Flight and Ground instructors, the School has four standards flight instructors whose sole purpose is to perform a continuous quality control functions.

Staff are all full-time professionals, with extensive operational and instructional experience. The College Registrar liaises with and takes care of the interests of our students.

Facilities & Equipment at 43 Air School

43 Air School specialises exclusively in flying training, and the organisation is equipped specifically for this purpose.

The infrastructure includes an on-campus administration centre, operations room, crew room, lecture halls, library, simulator centre and instructor briefing offices.Flight Training

The school owns a fleet of 50 Piper single-engine and multi-engine aircraft as well as Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters equipped for basic and advanced training. These are maintained by our own on-campus aircraft maintenance organisation.

Various flight and radio simulators are used to compliment the ground and flying training. The Alsim AL50 (Piper Seneca) simulators are used for basic instrument training whilst the Alsim AL1-2 (Baron 58) and Alsim AL200 MCC (Cessna Citation, BE 200) are used for instrument procedural and more advanced training.

The school recently acquired a state-of-the-art R22/Bell 206 flight simulator enabling it to offer its rotary wing students instrument procedural training on a rotary wing device.

Pilot Training Courses offered at 43 Air School
The following are the complete standard flying training courses offered by 43 Air School. We can also design a programme to meet almost any requirement you have, whether it be a complete programme or to finish what you had started elsewhere.43 Air School

Private Pilot Licence (A) 
Private Pilot Licence (H)
Night Rating
Multi-engine Class Rating
Instrument Rating
Instructor Rating
Integrated ATPL (A)
Commercial Pilot Licence (A)
Commercial Pilot Licence (H)
Commercial Pilot Licence Ground School
0 to 150 Structured Course (For clients following JAA Modular route)

ATC Courses offered at 43 Air School
43 Air School is proud to offer ATC training in our state of the art simulator. Our unique environment and expert instructors allow us to expose student ATC’s to a variety of aspects found in aviation.

Air Traffic Service Assistant
Course Objectives: The student shall after successful completion of the course, have a basic knowledge of Air Traffic Services enabling him/her to obtain an Air Traffic Service Assistants Rating and continue onto an Aerodrome Control Course.

Prerequisites: Entrants shall be medically fit according to the requirements established by the appropriate licensing authority. ICAO English language proficiency is required.

Note: South African residents must meet the following requirements in accordance with SACAA regulations:
Age: Minimum 17 years on commencement of training.
Educational Qualifications:Matriculation/Senior Certificate with exemption or equivalent qualification - Mathematics, English, Science and Geography recommended.
Language: The candidate must have sufficient ability in reading, speaking and understanding the English language.
Aerodrome Control RatingPilot training school

Course Objectives: The student shall after successful completion of the course, have the knowledge and skills required, in accordance with international regulations, to obtain an Aerodrome Control Rating.

Prerequisites: Entrants shall have successfully completed the ATSA course in accordance with the syllabus for the training of Air Traffic Controllers. 
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