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NAC supporting industry, predicting market trends and marketing one step ahead

National Airways Corporation (NAC) has been hard at work with numerous aircraft manufacturers and has been overwhelmed by the support received from the industry. To their already formidable list of dealerships, they are pleased to have added the following:


• The exclusive Piper dealership for Sub-Saharan Africa.


• The exclusive Kodiak Quest dealership for Africa. This is a high wing alternative to the Cessna Caravan and complement our low wing PAL 750 XSTOL product.


• The exclusive Nextant 400XT dealership for Africa. This is a zero time rebuild of the Hawker 400 product line, featuring Williams engines that extend the range to 2000nm and Collins Proline 21 avionics, all for under $4m.


• Exclusive resale dealerships for NetJets and Flight Options, giving us a continuous source of some of the finest aircraft, including Citation X’s, Citation Excel’s, Hawker 800XP’s and Hawker 400XP’s, amongst others.


• A new relationship with Dassault to sell their technologically superior Falcon jets to selected prospects across the African continent.


“Seeking solutions for our customers has always been a priority at NAC. Drawing comfort from our history of support and personal relationships, we have been overwhelmed by the number of large cabin OEM’s that have expressed interest and an open invitation in working with us,” says NAC’s Executive Director Aircraft Sales, JP Fourie.


Due to the commercial and structural changes at Lanseria Airport, NAC have decided to split their sales business into NAC Private Aviation, which will be based at Wonderboom Airport in a much more GA friendly environment, and NAC Corporate Aviation, which will focus on our larger turbine and jet aircraft, still based at Lanseria.


Coupled to the NAC Private Aviation decision, the piston maintenance division will also relocate to Wonderboom.


NAC’s Value Added Products division represents the finest aftermarket products in the world, such as Raisbeck, BLR winglets, API Winglets, Frakes exhausts, and of course Blackhawk, including the soon to be certified Blackhawk Caravan engine upgrade. At Rand Airport, NAC maintains some 140 helicopters and this, NAC’s home for helicopter business, continues to prosper, supported by their Rolls Royce engine shop, the only Rolls Royce Authorised Maintenance Centre in Africa.


NAC Flight Operations is performing well above expectation with helicopter charter, fixed wing charter and international operations all contributing significantly. Recently NAC opened a new helicopter facility at Grand Central Airport, where they offer charter, contracts and helicopter flight training, supporting the flight training that is done at Rand Airport under the same ATO. The location is excellent and client feedback has been very positive.


The NAC Makana business in Cape Town has recently been awarded the Robben Island route, which they believe will catapult this business to another level.

In addition, NAC has added a convenient charter office to their Wonderboom facility, comprising of it’s own fleet and full access to the entire NAC charter fleet, and they look forward to a growing contribution from this branch.


NAC’s focus on 43 Air School over the years has turned this into one of the finest flight training facilities in the world, with branches in Port Alfred, Bhisho and an advanced training facility at Lanseria. 43 Air School recently launched a highly sophisticated ATC simulator and have started offering ATC training, with excellent contracts having been awarded by the SAAF, amongst others. New accommodation blocks will soon be completed in Bhisho, as will the Embraer 120 simulator at Lanseria. Recent arrangements with Boeing and CAE will ensure that this business leads the training industry for years to come.


NAC’s Australian JV with Awesome Flight Logistics had a record year and they  are looking at expanding their fleet of nine Beechcraft 1900’s as demand continues to rise from our leasing customers in this region.


Despite the difficult times facing the industry, NAC has been very busy restructuring their business and setting themselves up to deal with the soft conditions that are anticipated for another twelve to eighteen months and the improving market thereafter.


NAC continues to live their ethos of Passion. Integrity. Excellence.


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