Increasingly since 1994, numbers of organizations in Africa have turned to NAC for maintenance - thanks to shorter lead times than those achieved in Europe and significantly lower costs that result from favourable currency exchange rates.

NAC's certification by 12 different civil aviation authorities demonstrates the company's firm commitment to its clients, offering them top-quality support with fast turnaround times. Today NAC has the authority to maintain aircraft from most countries in Africa.

From its headquarters at Lanseria Airport (where NAC's own fleet of charter aircraft are serviced), fixed wing maintenance is carried out by fulltime skilled engineers who keep abreast in their challenging environment by regularly undergoing factory training. This is just one of many aspects employed to ensure that quality and speed remain the hallmarks of NAC's maintenance system.

NAC's maintenance facilities are ISO 9001:2000 quality assured, ensuring impeccably maintained and serviced aircraft. A 24-hour emergency facility for unscheduled maintenance means that NAC will work around the clock to get aircraft back in the air.

Upon arrival, aircraft are inspected immediately and logged into a digital workflow system that tracks progress and allows for frequent communication with clients. A supervising engineer is appointed to each aircraft and in collaboration with NAC's Service Planning Office and Aircraft Parts Division, these experts ensure that maintenance and repairs are done speedily and according to the cost estimates supplied to and approved by the client. FAA approved and certified parts are used, securing compliance with warranties, safety and the future value of aircraft.

Maintenance records of every aircraft are kept, whether they be mandatory periodic inspections, extensive structural repairs, modifications, scheduled service or unscheduled maintenance.

NAC specializes in Beechcraft and Hawker aircraft and is also licensed to maintain many foreign-based aircraft in accordance with their countries' requirements. It is also a recommended engine parts and service agent for Pratt & Whitney, Canada PT6 & JT15D.

Aircraft Overview
Hawker 4000 As flagship of the Hawker line, this composite-fuselage aircraft truly sets the standard for quality, performance and value in the super-to-midsize business jet class. It combines intelligence, balance of speed (top speed of 557 mph - 484 kt - 896 km/h), range (max range of 3 280 nm - 6 075 km) and payload, delivering large cabin luxury (a true 6-foot stand-up cabin) with midsize aircraft economics. Featuring one of the most advanced avionics suites in any business jet with the Honeywell Primus Epic, regional or intercontinental prospects are never far away.

Hawker 900XP Here the next generation of the best-selling midsized business jet (Hawker 800 series) has combined new Honeywell engines with winglets and a large cabin for increased performance, range (2 883 nm - 5 339 km max range), efficiency, comfort and unprecedented value. It was FAA certified in August 2007 with more flexibility for long-range missions and features a legendary custom interior design with cabin comfort exceeding all in its class.

Hawker 750 Also from the Hawker 800 lineage, this new light-to-midsize business jet redefines its class. It offers the best range (2 116 nm - 3 919 km max range) and payload capabilities, and incorporates a large luxurious cabin that measures 6 feet (1,83 m) wide and 5 feet 9 inches (1,74 m) high. It also features internal and external baggage areas that total 79,3 cu ft (2,25 cu m) and 500 lb (227 kg) in weight capacity. FAA certification was received in February 2008.

Beechcraft King Air 350 The King Air series is the No. 1 turboprop line-up in the world. With continuous product enhancements, more than 7 000 Beechcraft King Airs have been produced since 1964. The King Air 350 is a load-and-go aircraft with 8 seats in the luxurious double-club cabin. A heated, pressurized, and in-flight-accessible baggage area is the largest in its class. With tanks filled (with fuel sufficient to fly nearly 1 500-statue miles) and fully loaded, you are ready for business or pleasure. Another advantage of this winner is the fact that it can operate on runways as short as 3 300 feet with exceptional short-field performance.

Beechcraft King Air 350ER Hawker Beechcraft Corporation also markets, produces and supports special-mission aircraft for military organizations and governments worldwide. This new Beechcraft offers an extended range and a variety of surveillance radar, ISR, air ambulance and special-mission capabilities.

Beechcraft King Air B200GT As the best-selling aircraft model of all time, it now delivers its highest ever level of performance (higher cruise speeds and faster climb), flexibility and efficiency due to new Pratt & Whitney, Canada engines. With this aircraft, a heavy schedule never stops you doing business. It was FAA certified in November 2007.

Beechcraft King Air C90GTi Advanced Collins Pro Line 21 fully integrated avionics means the cockpit standard of this aircraft equals that of other King Airs and larger jets, yet still retaining the same operational flexibility, a private lavatory and a 50% larger cabin than most VLJs with seating for up to 7 passengers. The C90GTi is at home almost anywhere, operating from remote, unimproved fields as easily as in congested, terminal airspace. With the ability to access airports inaccessible to most jets and its incredible fuel-efficiency, it is a popular choice. It was FAA certified in December 2007.