Diamond DA50 RG

You want to stand out from the crowd? You want everyone on board to fly safe? You need comfortable leg, shoulder and head room? You care about the environment? And you too think that flying with a retractable gear single is a touch more sophisticated? Then the magnificent DA50 RG is your number one choice!




820 nm


181 kts TAS


Technical info

The DA50 RG spoils pilots and passengers alike: You will love the sound the landing gear makes as the wheels retract, you will utterly enjoy the moment the aircraft accelerates and appreciate the aerodynamic efficiency.

And yes, you and your plane will look really cool while you and your passengers enjoy everything the extra-large cabin is offering you – just like the cabin of our marvelous twin-engine DA62: generous front seats with adjustable backrests, a 60/40 split folding three seat second row bench, easy access through the large gull wing doors and cargo door and exceptional leg, shoulder and head room. And your baggage is safely stowed in the rear of the cabin, offering you maximum loading capability for any kind of mission.



Category Piston
Manufacturer Diamond
Model DA50 RG
Passengers 5
Engine Continental CD-300 turbocharged, FADEC controlled jet fuel engine with 300 hp TOP / 272 hp MCP
Time Between Overhaul
Maximum Cruising Speed 181 kts TAS
Maximum Range 820 nm
Cabin Volume
Standard Useful Load 1,210 lbs
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