Bell 407 GXi

In the Bell 407GXi, the superior performance of the Bell 407 reaches a higher level. Its Garmin G1000H NXi advanced flight deck provides critical flight information at a glance for greater situational awareness and safety. The multi-mission capable interior of the Bell 407GXi is a spacious cabin that easily holds five passengers in a club seating arrangement or specialized equipment for medical and parapublic missions. The Bell 407GXi features the new Rolls-Royce 250-C47E/4 engine to deliver superb hot and high performance, improved hover characteristics with Dual Channel Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC).




337 nm


133 kts



Technical info

Garmin G1000H NXi Avionics Suite, Integrated Flight Deck

Traffic Advisory System

Terrain Awareness and Warning System

Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology

Increased Useful Load Option



Category Turbine Helicopter
Manufacturer Bell
Model 407 GXi
Passengers 7
Engine Rolls Royce 250-C47E/4 with Dual Digital Fadec
Time Between Overhaul 2,000 Hours
Maximum Cruising Speed 133 kts
Maximum Range 337 nm
Cabin Volume 85 cu ft (2.4 cu m)
Standard Useful Load 2,308 lbs
Price POA
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