Evolving from a 16 year exclusive relationship with a leading international medical assistance company, FlyAwesome has teamed with the highly experienced aeromedical team of Air Evacuation Services to launch a powerful new independent Air Ambulance service, Awesome Air Evac.


With over 30,000 flight hours of combined air ambulance experience in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, the team at Awesome Air Evac provides focused, specialised, doctor-based, ICU fixed-wing air ambulance services to the highest quality standards which include BARS Gold and ISO 9001: 2008.

The Awesome Air Evac fleet comprises primarily dedicated Learjet air ambulances, complemented by turboprop options in some regions. The global operations are coordinated from its Lanseria based 24/7 Call Centre.

Awesome Air Evac has the advantage of leveraging off the FlyAwesome and NAC global experience and capability in providing aviation operations, with the group operating a fleet of 150 aircraft.

The advantages of the new service include:
•    A fully integrated, neutral air ambulance provider.
•    Access to substantial aviation capacity through FlyAwesome and NAC.
•    A team with combined experience of over 30 000 hours of pure air ambulance flying.
•    More than 20 years of operational experience in Hot and Hostile Territories with strategically deployed mission-ready assets.

Commenting on this exciting new venture, Dieter Ebeling, Executive Chairman of FlyAwesome said, “Operating Air Ambulances successfully is all about optimal delivery at every level. With our 20 years’ experience of successfully operating air ambulance flight missions, our clients and patients will benefit from the most effective aviation solution in the region providing the highest level of patient care.”


Dr Glenn Staples, Medical Director of Awesome Air Evac ; "This is the start of a very exciting new service that brings together the best of both the medical and aviation aspects into a high quality offering.  I see a great future ahead for Awesome Air Evac in improving the standard of aeromedical services across Africa and beyond."


24/7/365 Operations commenced on 1 July 2016.

For any general enquiries please contact us on:
+27 11 430 1777 or [email protected]


For any flight requests, please contact our 24/7 Flight Desk on:
+27 11 430 1777 or [email protected]


FlyAwesome is jointly held by NAC and the Awesome Aviation Group and provides tailored, specialized aviation solutions. FlyAwesome is a short and long term ACMI specialist with over 30 years of experience and a leading air ambulance operator with over 20 years of experience in the aeromedical evacuation industry.

FlyAwesome’s international operations expertise encompasses away-from-base flight operations, aircraft maintenance, management and support services. It operates and manages numerous contracts in the Humanitarian Aid, Oil and Gas, Defence, Mining and Resources, Telecoms, Power, Regional Airline and Government sectors throughout Africa, in the Middle East and Australasia.  

As the premier African based Air Ambulance Operator, FlyAwesome has completed thousands of Air Ambulance missions. Its aeromedical flight operations capabilities span the continent of Africa and its surrounding islands, the Middle-East and Europe.
Air Evacuation Services (AES) offers management of patient transportation services covering the whole of Africa. Based at Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, and utilising dedicated long-range jet air ambulances, AES is capable of flying a wide range of patients from any location in Africa. With an average dispatch time of two hours, and flying with flight doctors and flight nurses or paramedics, AES is a safe choice for air ambulance flights.
The four core differentiators of AES are:  
•    Uncompromising clinical quality
•    Reliable dispatch and availability
•    Transparent dealings with all clients
•    Cost effectiveness

Lanseria International Airport just outside Johannesburg, South Africa is an international airport which is open 24/7 with all-weather capability, and therefore poses no hindrance to the dispatch of a flight at any time. In addition to this, the lack of large commercial airline traffic at Lanseria ensures that dispatch and landing delays are minimised, and the central location of Lanseria in Gauteng means that almost all major hospitals can be reached within 45 minutes’ drive of the airport.

For further information contact:

Tertius van Jaarsveld | CEO | FlyAwesome
T     +27 11 267 5550
F     +27 11 267 5054
M    +27 83 300 2584
E    [email protected]


Dr Glenn Staples has over 15 years of experience in aeromedical services including the following:
•    In excess of 400 fixed wing flight missions.
•    In excess of 600 HEMS missions.
•    Establishment and Management of Fixed Wing, HEMS and Helicopter Surf Rescue Operations across Africa.
•    10 years of pre-hospital primary response EMS work in Johannesburg (road ambulance).
•    Three years Anaesthetics experience.
•    18 months dedicated ICU experience.
•    Two years Full-time experience in a Level 1 Trauma Unit.
•    Previous BLS, ACLS, PALS and APLS Instructor.

Standard Medical Flight crew for Awesome Air Evac is a Flight Doctor and Flight Nurse or a Flight Doctor and Flight Paramedic. All of Awesome Air Evac’s medical flight crew have the following minimum experience/ qualifications:
•    ACLS and PALS
•    ATLS
•    Pre-hospital EMS experience
•    ICU experience
•    Trauma experience


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