We want to congratulate Jolande Parrott, Judy Joubert and Lindie O'Reilly on their Long Service Awards.

The award reflects our appreciation for your dedicated years of service and is a symbol of your personal and professional achievements at NAC.

Judy Joubert | Accountant
I started with NAC in 1992 as a Creditors Clerk, and left in Oct 1998, due to restructuring at NAC Lanseria.  During this period, I learnt a lot about the company and gained experience in the whole of the Finance Department.  I left for 3 months and was then offered a position as Fixed Wing Maintenance Accountant, and joined the company again in Jan 1999.

During my 20 years back with the company, I have worked in every division, handling the accounting side. Three years ago I was transferred to Heli Maintenance at Rand Airport where I am now the accountant for this division.  It’s been an honour to work at NAC.  I want to make use of this opportunity to thank everybody that has been part of my career at NAC and for all the opportunities I was given to grow not just only in my work, but also as an individual.

Lindie O'Reilly | Administration Manager

I started at NAC as a temp on 12th October 1998. I was employed as an assistant to the Travel/Insurance manager, Ileana Pombo.  My duties included, registering aircrafts with the CAA senior staff traveling and visa arrangements.  In January 1999 I was appointed to this position permanently.
In 2003 our head office was moved to Lanseria as I could not disrupt my daughters at school, I was fortunate to fill a position as Technical Assistant under my manager Tracy Zeni in Helicopters Engine Shop at Rand Airport.  I was responsible for creating and planning of technical engineers works sheets.  In 2003 I completed a Damelin basic accounting course.  As I learnt my knowledge increase to raising work packs, estimates, invoicing, orders, issue slips, time sheets, creditors & assisting with stores functions.
August 2012 I was promoted to Administration Manager in the Engine Shop, I’ve enjoyed my growth with NAC and want to use this opportunity to thank past/present management & co-workers for achieving what I’ve accomplished in my career.  


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