The general aviation industry is only as strong as the vital services that support it and, arguably, the unsung hero of these is the aircrafts parts industry.

An aircraft that is being utilised to do what it was designed to do will always be better off than one that is on the ground. And, if it must be on the ground, it is certainly better for it to be serviceable so that it is always ready to fly.

Nobody understands this more than the NAC Aircraft Parts Division. With decades of servicing experience, knowledge and expertise, NAC Parts has the capability to support and service aircraft by supplying parts worldwide. Fully equipped to completely support entire aviation fleets, it has widely earned a reputation as a one-stop-shop for aircraft parts, service and support.

To continue to provide the widest range of options to its clients, NAC Parts is currently exploring the implementation of a part exchange (overhaul) program to lower turnaround times and provide improved logistical aircraft parts support 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

This managed part repairs service would help keep aircraft serviceable and back in the air in the shortest possible time. Such a service would enable a certified overhauled part to be delivered and exchanged for a faulty part immediately, allowing the aircraft to be flight ready without delay. Overhauled parts are exclusively sourced from reputable suppliers who are credible and able to supply the necessary supporting certification for an overhauled part. Should a part be deemed beyond economical repair, however, it would require a replacement instead of a part swap.

NAC believes that introducing this part exchange option will further cement its position as the leader in parts service. A leaner managed parts stock also means lower overheads, which in turn allows it to focus on providing the correct labour for a better service experience with an overhauled part. All of this results in reducing downtime for its clients.

While NAC has long maintained its own fleet in various parts of the world, the company is looking forward to further expanding its operational environment, supplying parts to any destination and capable of being operational anywhere in the world.

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