As South Africa’s leading general aviation company, NAC is passionate about developing essential skills within the industry and is pleased to announce that no less than seven new apprentices have now progressed from NAC’s Technical Training Academy to take up practical on-the-job training (OJT) in 2019.

NAC’s technical training facility at Rand Airport, Germiston, offers a first-year theoretical and practical syllabus for the Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic trade, covering both fixed-wing and helicopter maintenance. After completing a year of basic training, successful students then complete 18 months to two years of OJT.

Seven graduates from 2018 have successfully started their practical OJT. Three have moved down to Port Alfred to continue fixed-wing training at 43 Air School, while one student has been seconded to NAC Heli-maintenance Training at Rand Airport. The remaining three students will be completing their OJT at different AMOs (Aircraft Maintenance Organisations) around the country.

Five graduates from the class of 2017 recently completed their two-year Practical Training (OJT) with NAC (three at Rand Airport Heli-maintenance and two at Lanseria’s Fixed-wing division) and are now ready to take their Trade Test Qualification and apply for new permanent job positions.

NAC would like to commend all its graduates for their hard work and dedication to meeting NAC Technical Training Academy’s high standards and wish them well as they embark on their bright careers in the aviation industry.

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