As a supplier of quality aviation parts and consumables, NAC Parts is proud to be an official ROCOL distributor, offering its AEROSPEC range of high-performance commercial aviation lubricants to the local general aviation industry.

ROCOL has been manufacturing hi-tech industrial lubricants for over 140 years and has applied that experience to formulating high performance airframe greases, lubricants and corrosion inhibitive coatings for use on rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

ROCOL AEROSPEC 400 is a particularly revolutionary product as it is able to replace clay grease in landing gear and wheel bearing applications. It offers exceptional corrosion protection, performs within a temperature range of -54C to 175C and is fast gaining support from aviation manufacturers and air forces alike.

The company has worked with the likes of Rolls Royce and Airbus, as well as NATO defense organisations and international standards bodies, giving NAC complete confidence in supplying AEROSPEC to its South African clients. All AEROSPEC products comply to the highest industry specifications and qualifications, as well as aviation OEM approvals.

Besides greases for general airframe, landing gear, and flying controls actuators, NAC Parts is also able to offer AEROSPEC’s more specialised products, such as aerospace anti-seize applications and corrosion protective sprays.

To find out more about AEROSPEC’s industry leading products, contact NAC Parts on +27 (0)11 267 5422.


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