As a leader in the general aviation industry, NAC is often entrusted to carry out operations in ‘hot and hostile’ environments, in Africa as well as in other volatile regions across the globe. These high-risk assignments not only require a highly-trained and dedicated crew but also aircraft that are equipped to protect personnel and cargo.

NAC is currently working on the full refurbishment of an Embraer 120 that, when complete, will be fitted with a Civil Aircraft Missile Protection System (CAMPS) for the next deployment to a hot and hostile area. The CAMPS system is designed to offer protection against Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS). It is estimated that there are more than 150 000 of these shoulder-fired heat-seeking surface-toair missile launchers currently available on the black market today, making them a very real threat to those flying over unstable regions.

The NAC crew operating these aircraft are highly trained professionals with a great deal of experience operating in challenging environments and NAC is committed to employing the latest selfdefense measures available to ensure their safety.  

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