Pilot your own destiny with NAC

Becoming a helicopter pilot may seem like an unachievable dream for most. Fortunately, NAC Helicopter Pilot Training has developed a new onboarding program that makes becoming a licenced pilot more attainable than ever before.

As Vicky Sankey, who runs the NAC Helicopter Pilot Training school, explains, “If you plan ahead, a helicopter pilot career is within reach and becomes very achievable. As leaders in the field of helicopter training, we can help students turn what can seem like a mountain into a molehill with a little planning and expert guidance.”


The path from ab-initio (from the beginning) training to obtaining a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) requires student pilots to complete 50 hours of flight training, which can be carried out over a three year period. During this time the student has 18 months to complete the required theoretical exams.


Students will need to budget for the entry fee requirement of R25 000, which allows them to sign up for the Helicopter PPL Program and receive the required study material.


Students can be as young as 15 and are required to complete a Class 2 Flight Medical, which is valid for five years if under the age of 40. Students can choose to progress through the program gradually to really make the most of the experience. For the best results, NAC Helicopter Pilot Training recommends students take at least two lessons a month, if possible. To budget for this type of frequency, a lesson/1 hour flight on a training Helicopter (R22) costs R3900 (excl. VAT). This helicopter does have a seat weight limit of 109 kg, meaning bigger pilots will be required to use the R44, which costs R5650 (excl. VAT). For two flights a month, students should budget for between R7800 and R11300 per month (excl. VAT) in order to achieve a PPL certification over a two year period. There is, however, an option to extend the period to three years to ease budget constraints.


Whether students are pursuing flying as a hobby or as a professional career, the high standard of helicopter facilities provided by NAC is very comfortable, making the entire experience stress-free and enjoyable.


For more information, prospective students are invited to contact NAC’s Helicopter Pilot Training team to inquire about the 1 hour a week flight program on a student kit to achieve a PPL, which includes eight exams in total and can be extended for completion over a three year period. NAC Helicopter Pilot Training is also currently offering two hours of flight free when students sign up for 50 hours, an immediate savings of R7400.00.