Quality Parts
Several manufacturers have appointed the NAC Parts Division (based at Lanseria Airport) as a direct distributor, agent, or franchisee and extensive inventories are held. Included are Raisbeck performance enhancement kits, aviation lubricants and filters, new and remanufactured engines and components, aviation tyres and tubes, and general parts and accessories.

As an aircraft parts supplier we distribute from our warehouses and through our wholly owned procurement subsidiary in the USA (in Wichita, Kansas).

In the interest of speed of service, NAC's Parts Division is extensive, stocking more than 15 000 line items for various makes of aircraft; procuring aircraft parts in bulk at excellent prices keeps client costs low. In the long term, NAC see itself as the leading commercial source of general aviation parts for the whole of Africa.

Digital systems enable the Parts Division to locate and retrieve even the smallest (but perhaps critical) item from stock in a matter of minutes. Semi-automatic flagging ensures that the most essential items are in stock at all times. If a lesser part is not stocked, an order is placed immediately with the most suitable supplier.

NAC's stringent maintenance policy allows for only FAA approved top-of-the-line branded parts to be used. Supported by documentation with every part delivery, every part is traceable to its manufacturer and source.