If you are looking for professional pilot training visit NAC (National Airways Corporation) website at www.nac.co.za to read information on the largest pilot and technical trainer of aviation personnel in the Southern Hemisphere. Fully residential airline pilot training is carried out at 43 Air School in Port Alfred on the east coast in South Africa. NAC also has an Air School located at Lanseria where experienced pilots are able to carry our training and conversions on our simulators. NAC Flight School at Rand Airport specializes in advanced helicopter training, this Flight School is one of the only Bell factory approved pilot training schools in the world.

When searching for an organization offering pilot training, it is important to make an informed decision about which organization to use to get your wings. Firstly, it is important to consider the environment of your pilot training facility, NAC provides a complete and dedicated training environment where our students are able to achieve their objectives in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Our school is located at Rand Airport in Johannesburg and the altitude is Above Mean Sea Level, this provides the perfect setting to learn to fly at high altitudes. The weather circumstances are also suitable for pilot training and the airport itself offers all facilities for effective aircraft training.

Secondly, consider your pilot training school’s equipment and facilities. NAC Flight Training, based at Rand Airport, specializes in flying training and our organization is equipped specifically for this purpose. Our school consists of an administration centre/operations room and a lecture hall, each of our instructors has his/her own briefing office. Our School also operates a fleet of aircraft of various types to suit your requirements, commercial pilot license and others, and we have access to various Bell helicopters which are equipped for basic and advanced training. We have an onsite maintenance organization with engine overhaul capabilities – all useful in teaching our students a practical understanding of the technical aspects of the course.

Our Schools success is the result of having a relevant and achievable philosophy and sophisticated pilot training programs, along with effective management systems and qualified instructors. NAC aircraft training school has extensive experience in training pilots from a wide spectrum of cultures and backgrounds, as a result we have a scattering of graduates across Africa who are private and commercial pilots trained by NAC Training.

Finally, costs of the pilot training course must be taken into consideration, as these are often high. Ensure the training school you choose has a strong reputation such as NAC Training and ensure your course is designed to use air time as cost effectively as possible. NAC Training has designed courses to ensure our students get quality pilot training for their personal financing abilities. So, for professional pilot training, choose NAC Training.