Helicopter Operations & Charter Services


The Helicopter Operations division is based at the newly developed state-of-the-art “Ultimate Heliport” in Midrand, Johannesburg. This facility, designed from the ground up with helicopters in mind, boasts being the only heliport of international caliber in South Africa and is the base from where our extensive network of operations are managed from.

As industry leaders, NAC operates the largest fleet of helicopters on the African continent, specializing in executive corporate charters with helicopter support and operations throughout the region. Operating in this unique environment can come with its challenges but, with several years of experience to rely on, you can rest assured knowing your unique operational needs are in capable hands.

Charters can be arranged to corporate venues, game lodges or out-of-reach destinations. If you are unsure of where to go, we have recommendable tours packaged for your convenience or NAC’s expert Helicopter Operations team can make some excellent recommendations.

NAC provides specialist support and assistance in applications such as firefighting, construction hoisting and cargo slinging. Our experienced pilots have extensive slinging and lifting experience in both the military and civilian sectors. Our operations division has the necessary equipment for a variety of slinging operations.

NAC has great firefighting experience throughout South Africa and Africa, utilizing the UH-1H Huey and Bell 407 helicopters, making use of the Bambi Bucket and Cloudburst water dispensing systems to battle fires in any geographical location. The Bell 407 has proven to be very effective with firefighting due to its ability to operate in hot and high conditions. NAC can offer tailor-made packages for all firefighting requirements.

Our crew also boasts extensive expertise in game capture and counting, high-value cargo delivery, geological surveys and mine and powerline inspections.

For photographic and film solutions, you need to look no further than NAC. We have worked with the industry’s top professionals for many years and can assist with the hiring of professional equipment designed for specific use on-board helicopters.

Helicopter emergency medical services can mean the difference between life and death. NAC operates several helicopters equipped with state-of-the-art EMS equipment that can be hired for patient transport or as standby for sporting and other events.

On the security front, NAC works in association with Netstar, a premier vehicle tracking specialist that utilizes helicopters to locate stolen vehicles.

We proudly operate multiple helicopters around the continent which are available for private charter. These helicopters all have executive interiors, air conditioning and are maintained at the highest safety standards. This fast-growing sector of the helicopter industry has become very specialized and, with that being said, we currently operate several fully IFR twin-engine helicopters. These aircraft operate when all-weather capability, day or night, is essential. Charters can be arranged to land at venues, events, game farms, stadiums, etc.

Please contact us for an individualised quote, as we will do our utmost to tailor your charter to suit your needs. To best assist you, please contact us as early as possible for us to acquire the relevant permissions, which are vital in guaranteeing the success of your charter.

Helicopters, being as versatile as they are, can be used for an array of operations which include, but are not limited to:

  •   Geological Survey
  •   Game Capture/Counting
  •   Mining inspection
  •   Power Line Inspection
  •   High Value Cargo Delivery

We are able to assist in fire-fighting, animal relocation and construction hoisting etc, as NAC not only has the necessary equipment needed for a variety of slinging operations, but our pilots have abundant slinging and lifting experience in both military and civilian sectors.


Should you be looking to hire a helicopter for photographic or film production, please contact us. We have ample experience in the industry and can assist in making your creative aspiration a reality. NAC can also assist with the hiring of professional equipment designed for specific use on-board helicopters. It is very likely you have already seen an advert or a major film where our aircraft was used for aerial footage!

EMS - Emergency Medical Services

When every second counts, aero-medical emergency services can mean the difference between life and death for the patient. We operate several helicopters equipped with state-of-the-art EMS equipment. These helicopters, situation dependant, can be hired for use and put on standby for sporting events and/or patient transport, etc.


NAC works in association with Netstar, a premier vehicle tracking specialist that utilises helicopters to locate stolen vehicles. If you are looking to have your vehicle protected by this service, please contact Netstar directly for assistance.


If you are going on safari, there is no better way to experience the vast nature and beauty of South Africa than by helicopter. As such, we can assist in chartering you to your lodge or out-of-reach destination. The journey will be as memorable as the stay! If you are not sure where to go, please ask us. We can make some great recommendations.


  •   Flight Safety Foundation: BARS Gold Approved
  •   Atta: African Travel Tourism Association
  •   SATSA: Southern Africa Tourism Services Association
  •   CAASA: Commercial Aviation Association Southern Africa
  •   EURAMI: European Aeromedical Institute
  •   Cape Town Tourism
  •   IGLTA: International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association
  •   SACAA Part 121, 127, 135 and 138 Operator
  •   Aircraft and Helicopter AMOs
  •   Part 141 Training Organisation, helicopters, fixed wing, technical training