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NAC's helicopter pilot training is conducted at the newly developed state-of-the-art “Ultimate Heliport” in Midrand, Johannesburg. The school has extensive experience in training from ab-initio to advanced commercial qualifications and our graduates have gone on to become captains with helicopter operators across Africa and the world. Our programmes include Instrument Rating, Instructors Rating, Conversion Training, Game Capture and Cull Ratings, External Load Rating, and all types of advanced pilot training..

The Rand Airport and Ultimate Heliport - Midrand helicopter pilot training operation is populated by student pilots and qualified pilots seeking advanced training. These training facilities are mostly utilised by owner pilots, from ab-initio training on the Robinson type helicopters to more advanced training on Bell types.


The NAC Training infrastructure includes an administration centre, operations room and pilot lecture hall. The helicopters are maintained by NAC’s own on-site aircraft maintenance organisation with engine overhaul capability, which is useful in teaching pilots a practical understanding of the more technical aspects of the course. Feel free to contact NAC’s flight school for more information.


Private and commercial flying requires a lot more than controlling an aircraft correctly and accurately; a pilot also needs effective and adaptable procedural capabilities, applied operational knowledge and confident pilot command skills. All these are taught through training and then practiced through planned exposure to various conditions and situations.

NAC Training has identified specific objectives for all these aspects and designed step-by-step, logically structured pilot training programmes. Pilot theory and practical training are integrated throughout the programme, and every dual and solo hour is used strategically for maximum productivity where there is no unstructured “hour building”. Management programmes monitor your progress and performance, addressing problems and providing corrective action.


The school has extensive experience in training a wide spectrum of pilots. Some graduates have gone on to become captains and first officers with a wide variety of operators across Africa, as well as different helicopter charter operators in southern Africa.

We also cater for other ratings such as Instrument Rating, Instructors Rating, Conversion Training, Game Catch/ Cull Ratings, External Load Rating and all types of advanced pilot training including mountain flying. Courses can be structured in such a way as to suit your pilot training requirements. Contact us today to begin a thrilling, challenging and rewarding pilot training programme.

Here is our scope of training at NAC Rand and Ultimate Heliport in Midrand

  • Private Pilot Licence (H)
  • Commercial Pilot licence (H)
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence (H)
  • Night Rating
  • Type and class Ratings Instrument Rating
  • Instructors Rating
  • Turbine Conversions
  • Sling/External Load Ratings
  • Game Capture Ratings
  • Radio Telephony Training
  • SACAA Approved PPL Examination Centre



The Robinson R22 Beta II is flown throughout the world for many applications ranging from flight training to charter or any application that requires a dependable, low operating cost aircraft.

  • This 145 HP engine is derated to 131 hp for five minutes at take-off
  • Then 124 HP for continuous and reliable operation


Robinson's R44 Raven II Series Helicopters provide excellent reliability, responsive handling, and altitude performance, making the R44 the ideal helicopter for private, business, training and utility applications.

  • High performance R44 Raven II
  • Lycoming IO-540 fuel-injected, six Cylinder, angle-valve, tuned-induction engine
  • Eliminates the need for carburettor heat


The Bell Jet Ranger is possibly the most popular helicopter in the world, with over 4400 civilian Jet Rangers produced over 4 decades the numbers speak for themselves. It also holds the title of the "Safest Single Engine Aircraft". The Bell Jet Ranger is a popular choice for turbine conversions, or type rating. The Bell Jet Ranger is also a popular choice for scenic flights, reliability comes standard.

  •   5 forward facing seats
  •   Rolls Royce M250 engine
  •   Stereo audio control panel


Whether for corporate transportation, EMS, offshore oil and gas rig support, law enforcement or firefighting, the Bell 206L4 has what it takes to accomplish the mission. The Bell 206L4 features a high-inertia two-bladed rotor system, while the patented suspension system delivers an incredibly smooth ride. The Bell 206L4 can hold up to seven passengers, very comfortably, and the club-passenger seating allows for face-to-face conversations. Power. Reliability. Value. For Bell, the 206L4 is mission accomplished. As the workhorse which it has become, the Long Ranger is one aircraft you cannot afford not to have on your licence.

  • 7 passengers
  • Club passenger seating
  • Smooth ride

BELL 407

The Bell 407 integrates reliability, speed, performance, and manoeuvrability with a cabin configurable for an array of missions and payloads. Its Rolls Royce 250-C47B turbine FADEC engine delivers exceptional hot & high performance with the ability to cruise at 140 knots (259 km/h). The 407's spacious cabin seats up to five passengers in wide-open club-passenger seating and can be reconfigured to accommodate any number of tasks and payloads. The Bell 407 is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance. With its industry popularity, the 407 is one aircraft you must have on your licence!

  • Rolls Royce 250-C47B turbine FADEC engine
  • 5 passengers in wide-open club-passenger seating
  • Smooth ride with performance


Best experience ever! - Nina (NAC student)

"What a privilege it is to learn how to fly and to experience my first solo flight. Thank you to the highly qualified instructors and staff at NAC that have made this a truly memorable experience for me!" By Nina

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